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This is a variety of links that I have found entertaining or useful (grouped by topic).  I'll update this periodically as I stumble upon sites that pique my interest. (Select a category to expand its list)

Manufacturers and Suppliers
 Adorama - Adorama is a great online photographic supplier. Compare with B&H.
 B&H Photo - When you want to buy on the Internet, B&H seems to have it all, and at competitive prices. Compare with Adorama.
 Canon Cameras & Accessories
 George's Camera - Another great local source for equipment and supplies
 Lowepro Camera Bags
 Nelson Photographic Supplies - I like to support local businesses when I can, especially when their customer service is top-notch.
 Nikon USA
 Tamrac Carrying Systems
Photo Galleries
Photography Info and Resources
San Diego

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