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This is a variety of links that I have found entertaining or useful (grouped by topic).  I'll update this periodically as I stumble upon sites that pique my interest. (Select a category to expand its list)

Manufacturers and Suppliers
Photo Galleries
 Chocolate Fish Photos - Travel and artistic photography by Oliver Ross
 Dave Morrow
 Hawaiian Art Network - Hawaiian artwork, including drawings, paintings, and photographs
 Ken Rockwell - A variety of subjects and shooting styles.  You can tell from his photos that he really likes to increase the saturation, but I think it makes for a nice effect.
 Living Wilderness - Nature, landscape, and wildlife photography by Kevin Ebi.
 Matthew Whitley - Matthew's site has a beautiful gallery section, which is why he's listed here, though he also discusses equipment.
 Moose Peterson's Galleries - Nature, landscape, and wildlife photography by Moose Peterson.
 PBase.com - Photographic database site where anyone can create their own online photo galleries.
 Robert J. Galbraith - A photo-journalist, Robert focuses on various events and their impacts on people's lives.  He's very creative, and an inspiration to those who would care to make a difference through photography.
 Stan Schutze's Galleries - Interesting and beautiful lansdscapes and modeling photos. Stan has a very creative eye for lighting.
 Timothy Eberly Photography
Photography Info and Resources
San Diego

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