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This is a variety of links that I have found entertaining or useful (grouped by topic).  I'll update this periodically as I stumble upon sites that pique my interest. (Select a category to expand its list)

Manufacturers and Suppliers
Photo Galleries
Photography Info and Resources
 Bjorn Rorslett - Camera and lense reviews and commentary, from a nature photographer's viewpoint.
 Dave Black Sports Photography - This guy is a renowned sports photographer. I'm envious...
 Digital Photography Review - Latest information on cameras and accessories.  Includes a great side-by-side comparison of model features.
 Ken Rockwell - Ken's site is a great resource for photography tips & equipment reviews.  His viewpoints lean more toward the practical than the esoteric, so he tends to raise the ire of some of the more "snobby" photographers.  As he aptly points out, the vision of the photographer is far more important than the equipment being used.
 Moose Peterson Wildlife Photography - Moose Peterson's site focuses on how to get good photos of nature and wildlife.  Great photos and some really good advice and tips to improve your abilities.  He used to focus more on equipment reviews, but is now about the photo.  If I can get the money and the calendar space, I'd love to take one of his photographic expeditions.
 Rob Galbraith - Digital Photography Insights - Digital photography tips, tricks, and information to improve your photography skills and keep you up-to-date on the latest professional digital equipment.
 Strobist - Less Gear More Brain Better Light
This is a very cool site that focuses on lighting techniques, primarily using speed lights.  Great tutorials on how to light various subjects and situations, using inexpensive supplies and equipment.  WARNING!!!  You can get locked in for hours reading these tips and techniques.
 Thom Hogan - Lots of equipment reviews regarding Nikon equipment (cameras, lenses, etc).  A little easier to navigate than Ken's site, and usually provides reviews from a slightly different perspective.
 U.S. Naval Observatory - Astronomical Data Services - Knowing when and where sun and moon rises and falls is a big help in predicting ideal photo locations and times.
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