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Me and Music

The photo to the right was me playing my brand new Ovation Custom Legend (Model 1158) 12-string Acoustic guitar.  (Photo taken in August, 1980)  It was a sweet instrument that I picked up for 1/2 price ($600 w/case) through a friend that worked at Kaman Corporation (Charlie Kaman started Ovation in 1966).  Unfortunately that guitar was destroyed in a freak accident in the early 90's.

An interesting feature of this model is the slotted headstock (classical-style) tuners, which faced the player and required cutouts in the headstock.  I don't see that available in any of their current 12-string models.

Lenny Gemar playing Ovation Custom Legend 12-string guitar in his Coronado, CA apartment, August, 1980


Despite the aforementioned loss of my Ovation Custom Legend, I've acquired a number of guitars, including the following:

  • Schecter Stiletto Custom 5-String Bass Electric Guitar Natural (2003)
      (Light American Maple body with a Rosewood fingerboard)
  • Carvin C980 Cobalt Jumbo 6-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural (2003)
  • Ovation Balladeer 6751 Acoustic-Electric 12-String Black (2004)
  • Ovation Celebrity CC059 Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar Natural (2004)
  • Fender Squier Telecaster 6-String Electric Guitar (2004)
  • Fender Squier Strat Rosewood 6-String Electric Guitar (2005, Model 031-0600-506)
       (Autographed by Keith Urban)
  • Hohner HG310 6-String Acoustic Guitar (1972)

My Music

This photo was taken in early 2006 with the Fully-Covered Band, a San Diego cover group that has since dissolved. (I've got less hair now than in 1980...)

There are a number of songs that I can play well.  I was going to list them, but the list has just grown too large to put here.  My focus the past few years has been primarily classic rock, modern country, and party songs, on the bass guitar.  But I also play "regular" guitar and drums as well.

Claire and I had fun one rainy afternoon recording Hotel California.  Take a listen to a rough mix.  Claire sings, I'm playing all of the guitar parts, and the percussion is sampled from the original CD.

Lenny Gemar playing Schecter 5-string bass with the Fully-Covered Band, Feb 2006



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