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Action Sports Photography

I'm available to shoot action sports photography on an as-available basis. (I don't shoot static league, team, or player photos.  There are plenty of companies that already do that.) Youth sports are my favorite, but will happily photograph adult events as well.  What do you get?  Prices reflect a CD of the full-resolution shots provided, and do not include any prints.  Let's face it, you can take the CD I provide, upload your shots to CostCo.com, and purchase as many excellent quality prints as you'd like for a reasonable price, and with no markup from me.

Pricing: In general, prices are $100 per shooting hour.  A typical softball game would cost $200, since they run 1:30 to 1:45.  Pricing is also dependent on what I need to capture.  If I'm hired by a player (or their parents) just to capture that single player, I'll only charge $75 per hour.  A single team is $100/hr, and both teams $125/hr.  (It takes more work to capture every player on both teams as opposed to a lone player, for example.)

Experience: Why so much?  Cost is a matter of perspective and value.  If you're a parent, do you want to be tied up behind a camera the entire event, or do you want to be supporting and cheering-on your player?  Do you have the equipment to maximize the highest number of great shots?  The equipment I bring (listed below) is worth over $10,000.  In addition to the good equipment, you get a photographer with tens of thousands of sports photos under his belt, including the San Diego Triathlon, Western States Police and Fire Games, San Diego Surf Hockey, and numerous college-level baseball and softball events.

Expectations: Will you get a lot of great shots?  It depends on the action of the game and the venue.  If you hire me to shoot you child and he/she sits on the bench most of the game, I'll get fewer good shots than if they are a starting player.  More playing time means more and better shots.  Access is also important.  Most youth sports leagues will allow me sideline access to shoot, but this can vary so we'll need to discuss this aspect prior to my hiring on.

Equipment: I've got the equipment to get the great shots.  I shoot using Nikon professional-grade camera equipment, including both a D3 and D300 camera, 200-400mm f/4 lens, and 70-200mm f/2.8 lens.  I also have flashes and other ancillary support equipment as needed.  (Equipment subject to change without notice.  If you're concerned what equipment I'll be using, just ask.)

Hire Me: Interested?  Send me an e-mail and let's discuss what I can do to capture the memories of your event.


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