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   Lenny.Gemar.org   Exif w/GPS   Copyright 2007, Lenny Gemar    

NIKON D300 - 10 sec - f/6.3 - 43mm (in 35mm film) - ISO 200

Christmas in San Diego
Tuesday, December 25th, 2007 - 5:36 pm

Taken 46 minutes after sunset, the beautiful blue sky has been replaced by the darker, Navy Blue of a (almost) nightime sky. I'm torn between whether I like this photo or the previous one (8 minutes earlier) the best.  This goes to show how just a few minutes at dusk can make a large difference in results.  The Exif GPS data accurately shows the photo location, right at the north-west end of the grass triangle at Ferry Landing Marketplace on Coronado.

For a full-size poster (20x30 format 4MB) version, visit 20071225_173652_684-1.


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