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Photo Galleries

These photo galleries are listed and grouped by type. Select a photo gallery type for a list of the available photo galleries.  I'm available to shoot your youth sports action photos, be they individuals, teams, or events.  Please see my Sports Photography pricing page.

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Event - 2006 Philippine Independence Day - Altavas
Event - 2007 ANSAFSA 57th Annual Homecoming
Event - 2007 Community Convalescent Hospital of La Mesa Holiday Party
Event - 2007 Mike Schultz Birthday & New Years Party
Event - 2008 Clairemont House Fire
Event - 2008 Community Convalescent Hospital of La Mesa Holiday Party
Event - 2008 Cooking-4-Life Party
Event - 2008 Dickinson College Road Trip
Event - 2008 ElderHelp Wine & Dine - Beyond the Velvet Ropes
Event - 2008 Grossmont High School 40th Class Reunion
Event - 2008 Kyle Fest - Kyle's Welcome Home Party
Event - 2008 La Bella Graduation Party
Event - 2008 Lethal Rejection Plays a 60th Birthday Party
Event - 2008 Lodge-Eck Wedding and Reception
Event - 2008 Solana Beach Ball
Event - 2008 Steve Pollett Birthday Party
Event - 2009 Saladmaster International Banquet
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